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Super Girl

Agustus 22, 2007 8 komentar

It’s not suppose to feel
It’s not suppose to be like this
I’m not what I used to be

I feel that I can’t breath
I feel that I can’t be my self
Strong when I’m alone

I’d try to get you out of my mind
And many times I try to step on the ground
But shades of you, taste of you, smell of you
Oh spinning on my head…
Going crazy just because of you Baca selanjutnya…


Loving You

Maret 31, 2007 32 komentar

ring ring
its you again
heart popz
i love to hear you
its been all day
i ‘ ve been waiting for you

held up
you call my name
so much story you share with me
you said a lot to me about girls
oh its so nice

and every beauty thing they did to you
dont stop n tell me more

loving you is hurt some times
i am standing here
you just dont buy
i am always there
you just dont feel
you just dont wanna feel
dont wanna heard that word
it doesnt mean i givin up
i wanna give you
more and more and more

knock knock
they came around
heart popz
i love to see you
its been two years since i am in love with u

bam bam
you break my heart
you said girl i’m in love with her
but its alright
i am still alive
here.. here..

and all the beauty thing she did to you
dont stop and tell me more

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and when i see that smile upon your face
deep in your eyes u had it all
and when i hear your super electrical voices
yee ooh yeah



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