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Find Our Love Again

I wish and never let you go
I’ll take you home but the time seem sadness
I know it’s the dark park of the town
Nothing to say..when everything is gone

I know it’s hard to be somebody
Sometimes when I’m walking down the rain
To find our love again

Last things I remember
I was walkin’ in the rain
Tryin’ to find the other sight
I know it’s more than just a right

Baby there’s a million dreams
The more will come the other night
Some say it remember
Some makes me forget…!

When the love is gone
And you’re miles away
The night won’t tell me what happened today
It’s more than just … balls ‘n’ chain
I feel like … I’m insane

When the days turn dark
And the sun won’t shine
Find in hard when you give me the line
Now it seems that we’re living in sin
Oh baby … to find our love again

Tell me now how to face the truth
Tell me how you bring me the line
Now you saying that you bring me line
In the night when we’re spending our time
I remember I was waiting like a fool
When you tell me that love was loaded gun..!

Sometimes..sometimes I remember
Don’t walk away … don’t walk away from me….
I couldn’t found … I couldn’t found the way ….

  1. Januari 25, 2014 pukul 21:24 pm

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  2. Agustus 26, 2012 pukul 20:25 pm

    Very very like this song ..

  3. Anjar Diantara Kalian
    Desember 23, 2011 pukul 0:49 am

    Lagu Power Slaves sepanjang masa…….tak kan lekang oleh waktu…….hehehe
    Keep Rock’in…….!!!! (Slaves Crew Purwokerto)

  4. Fuadi
    Agustus 13, 2011 pukul 2:06 am

    Join our facebook : Power Slaves Fans Club

  5. Maret 17, 2011 pukul 18:55 pm

    Tak…selain pronunsiasi Hedi yang sangat tepat. Orang yang pertama kali mendengar lagu ini boleh jadi “tertipu”. Latar belakang vokalis yang, seorang yang pernah kuliah di Sastra Inggris, sangat membantunya untuk menghasilkan lafal berbahasa Inggris secara baik dan benar. Last but not least, Power Slaves is absolutely the PRIDE of Semarang!!! Yo mesti, to yaa…!!! Bener pora, Ndess??? hahaha…

  6. ote
    Maret 3, 2011 pukul 11:17 am

    good jadi inget jaman nembak gebetan jaman smp, baru hits2nya PS

  7. Lian Cewboo
    Januari 20, 2011 pukul 21:28 pm

    Keren bgttttttttt…PS!!!!

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