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Especially For You

Especially for you
I wanna let you know what I was going through
All the time we were apart
I thought of you
You were in my heart
My love never changed
I still feel the same

*Especially for you
*I wanna tell you I was feeling that way too
*And if dreams were wings, you know
*I would have flown to you
*To be where you are
No matter how far
+And now that I’m next to you

*No more dreaming about tomorrow
*Forget the loneliness and the sorrow
I’ve got to say
+It’s all because of you

+And now we’re back together, together
+I wanna show you my heart is oh so true
+And all the love I have is
+Especially for you

Especially for you
I wanna tell you, you mean all the world to me
*How I’m certain that our love was meant to be
*You changed my life
You showed me the way
+And now that I’m next to you

*I’ve waited long enough to find you
*I wanna put all the hurt behind you
+And I wanna bring out all the love inside you,


You were in my heart
My love never changed


(repeat & fade)

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  1. hamba allah
    Juli 3, 2012 pukul 20:18 pm

    thankyou~ lagunya enak!

  2. Maret 13, 2012 pukul 15:00 pm


  3. vitrrrrrryyy
    Agustus 16, 2011 pukul 23:25 pm

    mampus gila keren abis nih lagu . mantaps deh buat Ten2Five 😀

  4. Agustus 18, 2008 pukul 20:49 pm

    Keren bangettt.

  5. piripiri
    Juli 2, 2008 pukul 12:52 pm

    lg kngan gw tuch..

  6. manda
    Juni 10, 2008 pukul 15:20 pm

    kereeeeennnnn bangeeddd

  7. de2s
    Juni 7, 2008 pukul 11:46 am

    kena bgt ni lirikny..

  8. Mei 19, 2008 pukul 10:19 am

    especially for you!! especially for me

  9. ndha
    Oktober 21, 2007 pukul 13:39 pm

    LuV tHis sOnG..!!!

  10. Oktober 12, 2007 pukul 15:39 pm

    I aBsolutely loVe it….!

    keren bgdh dach pokokna,,,!

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