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Are You Happy Now

No…Don’t just walk away
Pretending everything’s ok
and you don’t care about me…

Lie…No it’s just no use
When all your lies become your truth
and I don’t care…yeah

Could you look me in the eye
and tell me that you’re happy now? OoOoOoOo
Would you tell it to my face?
Or have I been erased
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?

You…took all there was to take
and Left me with an empty plate
and You don’t care about it

and I…Am giving up this game
and Leavin you with all the blame
cause I don’t care…

Repeat Chorus…

Did it really have
Everything you’re worth
You can’t always give
Something you get
You can’t run away from yourself

Could you look me in the eyes
and tell me that you’re happy now…

C’mon tell it to my face
Or have I been erased…
Are you happy now?

(Chorus interluded)

Yeah yeah OoOoOh

Are you happy now?

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