honey love honey love what you do to me
I can’t think I can’t act the way I used to be
got no choice just your voice sends me
through the roof
I’m a mess I confess it’s because of you
you shook me up so quickly
you hit me like a smooth breeze

smooth like the air I take you into me
you’re all I crave remain within me deep
just like the air you’re there around it all
smooth everywhere you stare and make me

turn around take me down to your dreaminess
come on in and again we can lay and rest
close your eyes my sunrise shine your beam of light
ride the wave to escape and be by my

[Send by : cumi_goreng_mentega]

  1. nana
    April 30, 2007 pukul 14:06 pm

    lagu ini memang bagus.saya sgt suka lagu ini.bubai

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