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Loving You

ring ring
its you again
heart popz
i love to hear you
its been all day
i ‘ ve been waiting for you

held up
you call my name
so much story you share with me
you said a lot to me about girls
oh its so nice

and every beauty thing they did to you
dont stop n tell me more

loving you is hurt some times
i am standing here
you just dont buy
i am always there
you just dont feel
you just dont wanna feel
dont wanna heard that word
it doesnt mean i givin up
i wanna give you
more and more and more

knock knock
they came around
heart popz
i love to see you
its been two years since i am in love with u

bam bam
you break my heart
you said girl i’m in love with her
but its alright
i am still alive
here.. here..

and all the beauty thing she did to you
dont stop and tell me more

back to [Reff]

and when i see that smile upon your face
deep in your eyes u had it all
and when i hear your super electrical voices
yee ooh yeah



[Edited by: dodo] 

  1. iE_cHa
    Desember 26, 2007 pukul 18:19 pm

    keren bgt ni lagu!!!
    gw minta lirik so would U let me be donk..
    thx b’4 yak..

  2. Desember 17, 2007 pukul 12:24 pm

    d’cinnamons TOP BGT n COOl abiesssssss
    btw minta liriknya “so would you let me be..”

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