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No More

Hey baby can’t you see,
this is what u did to me
I’m so far from joy;
I don’t want to be your toy

My heart keeps telling me,
I should be with you
no more I want to get out,
from this misery,
don’t know what to do

Everyday I spent my time with you.
So depressed
Having all regrets.
The more I see your face
Just can’t take it any more.
I love to stay away
From your over sense of self

Driving on the highway
Seeking means from time to time

Some might, say,
bizarre is what you are.
But I believe time can change it all.
You’re just a simple girl with a special kind of life.
Unsure of everything.
Going nowhere with Your mind

  1. astrid
    Mei 9, 2007 pukul 6:09 am

    lagunya manis!!!!!!!terkadang aku berpikir sama seperti tompi….tapi plisss buat album kedepannya tolong jangan jauh2 kaya album kedua ya mas mpi!!!!!!salut wat mas mpi dari album pertama da jatuh cinta ma tiap2 lagunya…kapan show time di purwokto???!

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